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QUIZ _1 A-09 Answers

QUIZ _1 A-09 Answers - NAME NSWERS ES 2001 September 4 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: NSWERS ES 2001 September 4, 2009 QUIZ #1 Instructions: This is a closed book quiz. Fill in the blanks, circle the answer, or give your answer in the space pro videol Please be sure to write your name above. 1. The four types of materials are: a metals, non-metals, intermediates, composites é‘netals, ceramics, polymers, composites ionic, covalent, metallic, secondary d) none of the above 2. Atomic number is the number of PYO‘L’QI} S in the nucleus of an atom. . 13 3. If the atomic weight of a given substance is X g/mol, then G. 07.?) MO atoms of that substance weigh X grams. 4. Electronegative elements are those elements which geadiiy acquire electrons - readily give up electrons c) used to be cations cl) none of the above 5. Aluminum’s melting point is 660°C whereas that 0% 1,538°C. Which of these elements has a larger bond energy (E0)? Cir ~-- ; r answer. 6. The three types of primary bonds are: 1) l‘bnlC , 2) gZDVOJEM’, 3) MM Primary bonds are secondary bonds stronger than ) weaker than c) of equal magnitude to d) cannot tell 7. At the equilibrium distance between two atoms, bonding energy is: a the energy at the maximum point @he energy at the minimum point c) the inverse of the net force between the atoms d) none of the above larger than ) smaller than c) equal to d) depends on the element 8. APF for FCi is the APF for BCC 9. The units of density are: . pounds per it2 E @vcmi " dynes per cm2 " d) none of the above 10. Define polymorphism and give two examples. The, ability oi: a Soldk “would +0 {amt m mm than Wicm’m 5‘” (11/14st Show . 1. "1m“ . ‘HML ovqs’cod SWWVC CW3 03? WflW dial/upemhureg 31mm“ *WLWSMK ski/Lama CW5 GNUHW/lt PWSSLLV€S(9m£hil-€ Us. iamo not) ...
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