hw6_A09 - ECE2801 Homework#6 Submitted by ECE Box Date...

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ECE2801 Homework #6 Submitted by:__________________________________ ECE Box #:____________ Date:_______________________________ Question Grade 1 – 20 2 -- 10 3 -- 20 4 --20 Total:
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ECE2801 Homework #6 – More Assembly and Mixed Language Programming (Due Tuesday 10/13/09 At the BEGINNING of class) PLEASE (NEATLY) SHOW ALL WORK ! Comment all code well. Do not make the grader guess what you are doing! All code should be typed. To ensure proper grading and return, attach the cover sheet to the front of your homework References : Class Notes, MSP430 User's Guide Ch. 3, 7 and IAR EW Assembly Reference Guide (all available on class website) 1. (20 pts) Write code segments in MSP430 assembly that implement the indicated functionality. Comment you code well listing any assumptions made. In each part, you may assume that the variables listed have been properly declared in memory already. a) Here assume X and Y are unsigned 8-bit integers and Z is an unsigned 16 bit integer. What operation does this code perform? Z = 0; for (i=0; i < Y; i++) { Z = X+Z; } b) Assume L, M and N represent 16-bit signed integers. Place the smallest in R9. 2.
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hw6_A09 - ECE2801 Homework#6 Submitted by ECE Box Date...

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