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Chapter 4 copy - Chapter 4: Moisture and Atmosphere...

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Chapter 4: Moisture and Atmosphere Stability The Hydraulic Cycle: the cycle, powered by the sun’s energy, through which water in the hydrosphere moves - depicts the continuous movement of water from the oceans to the atmosphere, the atmosphere to the land, and from the land back to the sea - Global water- Where is it located? o Oceans o Glaciers, snow, ice o Lakes, streams, groundwater o Water vapor in the atmosphere - Main Process: o Powered by the energy of the sun 1. Evaporation a. Transpiration from plants: water infiltrates the ground and is absorbed by plants through their roots, then they release it into the atmosphere 2. Precipitation a. Cloud formation results in precip b. Water that’s landed in the ocean has ended its cycle and is ready to begin its cycle again by evaporation c. The total amount of water vapor in the entire global atmosphere remains about the same, the average annual precipitation over the earth must equal the quantity evaporated 3. Surface and Ground water: a. Water lands on the ground and is soaked in, or can land in streams and rivers and back to the ocean Changes of State: - Calorie: the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of water 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius - Some situations where heat may be added to a substance without a temperature change o Heat applied to a glass of water o Temperature of water remains the same until the ice melts o Heat energy is utilized to break up internal crystalline structure of ice - Latent heat: the heat used to melt ice does not produce a temperature change (heat energy) o This energy can be thought of as being stored in liquid water and is not released to its surroundings as heat until the
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Chapter 4 copy - Chapter 4: Moisture and Atmosphere...

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