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Frankenstein Essay copy

Frankenstein Essay copy - Silent films are always very...

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Silent films are always very artistic and abstract. After watching Frankenstein it confirms my thoughts on the abstract nature of silent films. Since there is no sound the directors need to get everything normally said in dialog through visual means. Yes it is a great style to make a silent film but you lose other means of creativity with making it silent that I don’t like. In Frankenstein the film I found it amazing that you can fit nearly the entire plot of the novel, trim parts put, and squeeze it together to form a 12min silent film. Every scene was right out of the book and you can easily relate between the novel and movie for which scene is which part in the novel. Like I said earlier it is hard to film and create a silent film and something’s like set change or tone can be accomplished by just changing colors. Using the different colored filters to represent new scenes is a brilliant idea to accomplish changing scenes or moods, which I liked. The beginning of the film was a little difficult to follow. It had a lot of dialog that was silent and I feel it was
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