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Port Technology essay copy

Port Technology essay copy - Maritime Port Technology The...

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Maritime Port Technology The Maritime industry is a constant growing technological beast. So many cutting edge technologies and advancements are implemented everyday. The most changing part of the industry is ports. A port is the key in the maritime industry. Ships travel from one port to another to load and unload their goods as fast as possible and continue on their next task or job. Maritime port security and pollution are two major technological hurdles in the maritime industry that are continuingly growing. Trying to secure massive amounts of cargo and trying to make the transportation of that cargo as environmentally friendly as possible. Terrorism, it is the focal point of maritime security. It is extremely hard to counter terrorism and pirates on the high seas. With the most recent string of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia it shows that even the biggest Naval presence ever in Middle East still doesn’t deter the attacks. So its hard to have total 100% security on the high seas then the next best thing is to turn to the ports. Again a ship leaves one port and then sails to another port. Creating port to port security. The Kyoto convention ICT Guidelines were drawn up in 2004. These guidelines made it easier for electronic exchange of information of ships from exported to imported, created a chain of electronic documents of data to show what the ship is carrying. Even more international security initiatives were developed like the World Customs Organization’s 2005 “Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade.” This framework created the documentation of every action of a cargo from intermediate handling, loading, off loading, terminal time, and eventually to destination. Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007 created many port security ideas into law. Some of the implementations were detect
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breach and access prior to entering U.S. waters, 48 hour notice before entering a U.S.
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Port Technology essay copy - Maritime Port Technology The...

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