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Phase 1 Independent Project 1 - Phase 1 Independent Project...

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Phase 1 Independent Project 1 Macroeconomics 1 Runninghead: Macroeconomics Macroeconomics Phase 1 Independent Project 1 By Kathleen Hough Instructor: Gerald Weisenseel Due: April 9, 2010
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OFFICE MEMO MEMORANDUM TO : OFFICE PERSONAL FROM : Mr. Meyers Desk CC : All Personnel DATE(S) : April 9, 2010 RE : The major choices that firms make or face in their business environments. Good morning or afternoon to everyone in the office. Mr. Meyers has insisted that everyone in the office know what the basic concepts of economics are, so here is what we have found about economics. We need to know what economics and macroeconomics consists of and then describe how it relates to the choices made by large companies or firms. Then, there we need to understand the 4 factors of the production: land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. So we need to pick a product we are familiar with and explain how these 4 factors of production and what were used to transform raw materials into the finished good.
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