Conservation and Preservation

Conservation and Preservation - Conservation and...

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Conservation and Preservation Constance Duff SCI/275 December 4 th , 2009 Winston Erasme
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Conservation can be defined as using resources but within moderation. We should only use what is necessary to survive. And if it is possible find ways to reproduce what we have taken, like trees, for example; for every tree that gets cut down three more should be planted to take its place and this should be done in advance to cutting down trees. Another item that we all need to learn to conserve is oil and natural gases. There is no way for us to regenerate gas and oil so these are the things in nature that we must use sparingly. Preservation can be defined as, not touching natural resources or wild life preservations. Leave the forests and wildlife habitats alone, intact and untouched by civilization. We as humans in our western worldview have destroyed so much of the earth and preexisting wildlife that was here prior to us being here that there is not a lot of free land left for nonhuman life forms to live. I think that given more research humans can find a way to harvest forest resources in
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Conservation and Preservation - Conservation and...

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