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Online Resource Assigment - for Writing Academic Papers,’...

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Aside from the ‘Write Point SM and the Plagiarism Checker’ there are quite a few more resource the Center for Writing Excellence has to offer. Grammar Tutorial, Samples of all types of papers for students to analyze, a plagiarism tutorial, APA information, a Thesis Generator, Essay Development, Resource for Speakers of Other Languages, Software Tutorials and Guides, and Writing Style Handbook. The Tutorials & Guides section is intended to facilitate students’ improvement in their writing skills. Each segment offers information in understanding the method of writing and formatting school essays. There are sample papers for each type of writing skill we will need to learn and use. There is also a section of Writing Manuals, which help to teach students all about grammar, mechanics, writing styles, and plagiarism. Two online resources that will be useful in building my writing skills are ‘Common English Errors,’ located under the Grammar Tutorials section and ‘Guidelines
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Unformatted text preview: for Writing Academic Papers,’ located under the Essay Development section. I feel that my writing skills are adequate, however they could be better. I know I have a lot of errors when it comes to writing a paper, and in the Common English Errors section I have learned what mistakes to avoid. Although I have not finished reading this section it has already started to help me. My second choice was Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers. I know all the parts into writing a paper and this section helps me put my papers together properly. I turned my checkpoint assignment in and once I received it back I had made no mistakes as far as the Write Point SM and Plagiarism Checker could see. I was surprised I had no feedback on my paper; personally I thought I would have had a few mistakes. Since I had no feedback on my paper, there was nothing valuable or invaluable for me....
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Online Resource Assigment - for Writing Academic Papers,’...

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