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Week7-Argument Evaluation assignment

Week7-Argument Evaluation assignment - Argument Evaluation...

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Argument Evaluation Constance Duff January 24, 2010 CRT 205 Timothy Boyd
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First argument The first argument would be the comparison between automobile accidents in America versus what happened on the terrorist attack of 9/11. The first premise is; in the reading of Appendix 1, Section 2, “Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11,” the author refers to the attack of September 11, as an unfortunate event that caused Americans to be more prone to react with anger fury, particularly if this tragedy hit them close to home. Another point mentioned in this argument is the recommendation to all the Americans to consider and think about that more people get killed in car accidents and they may occur closer to home than New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Lastly, author finished this article explaining that the fear in Americans was caused by the media, and the idea of a possible next terrorist attack is a constant reminder of what could happen soon, instead of being aware of people close to us that could cause car accidents. The premises are dependant to the conclusion.
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