BME5 Syllabus W10

BME5 Syllabus W10 - BME5: Introduction to Biotechnology...

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BME5: Introduction to Biotechnology Wendy Rothwell, Ph.D. (Rothwell-Lopez) Winter 2010 MWF 12:30 pm-1:40 pm Office Hours: 2:15-2:45pm MWF in 405A PSB Classroom Unit 1 Office Phone: (831) 459-1623 Course Description Lecture course providing an introduction to the tools and applications of biotechnology in the fields of medicine, agriculture, the environment and industry. TA and Discussion Sections Sections are not mandatory, TA TBA Section Class # Day Time Location 01B 55163 Tu 12:00-1:10pm Kresge Clrm 319 Text and other sources Text: Introduction to Biotechnology second edition, Thieman and Palladino (2009) (available on reserve in the Science and Engineering library) Companion website ( Bookmark this!): WebCT account: see WebCT Instructions at the end of the syllabus. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI): Grading Grades will be based on performance on 8 homework assignments (lowest score of 9 dropped), 2 exams and one research paper describing a newly developed biotechnology approach or tool. Weighting of each component in the grade is shown below. assignment number points each total points % of grade Homework 8 10 80 40% Exams 2 50 100 50% Paper* 1 20 20 10% 200 * Please refer to the Paper Handout (available on WebCT) for details regarding format, etc. Homework assignments are due every Monday at the start of class. (when Monday is a Holiday, the assignment is due on the following Wednesday) Note*** add 5 points extra credit if all 9 homework assignments are turned in. The final exam is not comprehensive and will be given on
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BME5 Syllabus W10 - BME5: Introduction to Biotechnology...

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