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Geography Lecture: Second to Last One 1950 – 1980: 17 of top 20 cities in 1950 had decreasing population 1970 – 1990: 8 million less white ppl, 4.8 million more Latinos, and 15 million more Asians, 0.8 million more blacks, and in total, 1 million less in total population White % in population started from 40-90%, and declined down to 70-40% % in city revenue from the federal gov’t. declined from 1980 in 22% down to 7% in 1989 By 1985, poverty rate is 4.5 times greater in cities than suburbs Per capita income in ¾ of cities compared to that of suburbs
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Unformatted text preview: The automobile, low rate mortgages were some things that prompted a suburban boom to continue growing Suburban boom also happens b/c of increased overpopulation in cities and lack of living space there Mostly white ppl lived in suburban due to racial discrimination and increased no. of immigrants coming in cities Overall average wealth of ordinary citizen is smaller in 1950s than in 1980s City had hard time recovering from the revamping of infrastructure and fueling consumption of ppl living downtown and suburbs...
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