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Fair_at_Sorochintsy_Response - All of Sorochintsy is...

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Austin Thai Slavic R5A 08/28/09 In one of the passages of Nikolai Gogol’s The Fair at Sorochintsy, the people of Sorochintsy are witnessing the wedding between Grytsko and Maria, and are described to have “transformed into a scene of unity and harmony.” This paranoid and demon fearing group of people have changed their manner and attitude towards Grytsko and the whole red-coat affair into a positive, if not content manner. It is more than likely that the entire village of Sorochintsy is pleased that the red-coated demon is no longer a huge threat, and has “disappeared” from their lives, even though the gypsy that made a deal with Grytsko is the devil.
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Unformatted text preview: All of Sorochintsy is relieved and wants to get rid of Grytsko, for they want to get on with their lives and make sure that the demon, whom they assume is Grytsko, is out for good and not a huge problem in the future. In the last sentence of the passage, this is confirmed when they are “dancing after the rejoicing crowd,” and “not casting one glance at the young couple.” In conclusion, the people of Sorochintsy are politely kicking Grytsko and his wife out of their town to continue living their lives....
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