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Austin Thai History 7B, Section 106 February 27, 2010 For the research project, the time period from World War II to the mid-1950s is an interesting time that I want to learn more about. Not only was consumer culture at that time greatly up and about, but I find it interesting how constantly buying all sorts of goods, whether it be household appliances, cars, color TV, and even random household necessities like hair tonic, makes up an important part of the growth of America, and at the same time, assume that by buying all these goods would mean that one was American. The time period, in particular, seemed all happy and pleasant, at least for the middle-class Caucasian Americans that could afford the many goods that the ads offered.
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Unformatted text preview: The ad culture, in particular, is something I feel is quite interesting during the time, and therefore, the Duke University’s Ad*Access digital collection is one of my sources that I will use, in particular, ads in that site between the time period of 1941-1955. The TIME magazine archive is another source that I want to look through, as I also want to explore how the consumer culture is influenced by the national and global events that are happening during the time period. Some information given by the Foner book will also be a part of my sources to apply as the background for the time period....
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