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Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Bob Abboud Basic Composition, Essay #1 02 February 2010 The Illusion of Celebrity Culture Illusions are the conditions of being deceived by a false perception or belief. However, illusions can also be conditions where one uses their imagination to open up the possibilities there are in the world. In the essay “Bumping into Mr. Raviolli”, Adam Gopnik raises the question of the role of imagination in humans, specifically through the example of his three-year- old daughter, Olivia. Gopnik uses the word paracosm, a imaginary world made up by a child’s mind with its own language and history. In his essay, one is able to see that Olivia is emulating the busy life of a “New Yorker” whenever she is talking to Mr. Raviolli on the toy cell phone. This symbolizes how the age of new technology (cell phones, computers) is manipulating the lives of the people in our society. In Chris Hedges’s essay, “The Illusion of Literacy”, Hedges explores the values of celebrity culture, which is the society that is created by the illusions of celebrity life, and the role of pseudo-events, which are events that appear real but are staged, that occur within today’s society. In other words, Hedges reveals how this new age of technology where television and computers can control the lives of Americans in today’s society. Throughout both essays, Gopnik and Hedges can both agree that people tend to emulate the
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Basic Comp 1 - Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Bob Abboud...

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