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Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Abboud Basic Composition , Essay #2 16 February 2010 Consuming the Democratic Values In today’s society, there is a gap between the rich and famous and the working class. Celebrity culture, which is the lifestyle of the rich and famous, is taunting the working class, while the poor work to even get a taste of fame and fortune. One is able to see that the values of the celebrity culture are different from those of the American democratic value system. Throughout his essay, “Voting Democracy off the Island: Reality TV and the Republican Ethos”, Francine Prose interprets the reality TV shows and argues the point of how reality is nothing compared to the lifestyles on TV. More importantly, Prose argues the fact that in order for someone to win in society, someone else has to lose. This is her idea of a zero-sum society. Chris Hedges would also agree in his essay, “The Illusion of Literacy”, that people have a hard time recognizing what reality TV and reality is. Hedges would also explain the fact that people would be manipulated by what they hear and see on TV. Both Hedges and Prose explores how the democratic values differ from each class in society, and that people in today’s society would do almost anything to be famous and rich. In reality , the democratic values differ strongly amongst the high and wealthy class to the middle and working class . But isn’t the American society supposed to be equal in all aspects such a person’s rights and in what they can or cannot do? Hedges explores this question by
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Nguyen 2 challenging the celebrity culture to that of the real world’s culture . Hedges defines celebrity culture as achieving money , fame and power by any means. In today’s society, being wealthy and popular automatically gives a person a better class standing than those who have little . In fact , the working class would go the extremes of behaving like a celebrity that they saw on television or on the web . “Those who manipulate the shadows that dominate our lives are the agents , publicist, marketing departments, promoters, script writers, television and movie producers , advertisers, video technician, photographers, bodyguards, wardrobe consultants, fitness trainers , pollsters, public announcers, and television news personalities who create the vast stage of illusion . No one achieves celebrity status, no cultural illusion is swallowed as
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essay 2 - Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Abboud Basic...

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