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Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Abboud Basic Comp , Essay 3 25 March 2010 Who Needs Love When You have Money? In a world divided up into the top one percent , consisting of the rich , and the bottom ninety percent , which is comprised of the working class , everyone must work to achieve happiness . However in this society , it is a dog eat dog world , where everyone must work hard to receive a nice paycheck at the end of the week . People begin to actually worship the workplace and idolize it as a god of money . The people believe that by working long hard hours , they can achieve happiness in their life . The happiness consists of going to the mall and spending money , or buying love within a family instead of spending time to actually love the family . In her essay “From the Frying Pan into the Fire” , Arlie R . Hochschild discusses how capitalism has become an idol of worship where everyone dedicates their work to capitalism and the reward is some spending money at the end of the week to enjoy a trip to the mall . In “Voting Democracy off the Island” Francine Prose discusses how corporations and celebrities are amongst the top of the food chain , while the rest of the society is caught in the midst of a game where anyone can reach the top by working hard and buying the latest commodities . In today’s society , people have started to worship capitalism as a religion while discovering the very means and end of life .
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Nguyen 2 Capitalism is one of the main concepts throughout Prose’s and Hochschild’s essays . Capitalism is the system in which corporations and companies hire people to work and make profit . In Hochschild’s essay , Hochschild unveils how today’s society is run by capitalism and how families work long hours to put food on the tables at home and once in awhile have some leisure time to spend money at the malls .
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