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Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Abboud Basic Composition , Essay #4 07 April 2010 To Be Civil or Not to Be Civil? That is the Question! In a nation where markets and corporations run the country , people tend to stereotype people of different social class . Instead, people should judge someone on their character, moral values , and what a person has to offer to the common good. In “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do , Michael J. Sandel explicitly defines the common good for the society, as well as explores the possible justices and themes of what the common good should look like . Throughout his essay , Sandel discusses how “key social practices” are needed to stabilize the public realm so that every citizen is treated equal , as well as argue how “a politics of the common good would take as one of its primary goals the reconstruction of the infrastructure of civic life”(Sandel 265 , 267) . Lewis Lapham goes into detail the many false reasons of what an American looks like and how Americans should act as a united country rather than individuals in his essay , “Who and What is American?” . He argues how “our racial and cultural differences were the odds that we obliged to overcome or correct” (Lapham 218) . In today’s society, where the government is ran by the people for the people , Lapham and Sandel challenges the American status quo by explaining the many myths about the American “common good” and instead what civic virtues they do and should “have in common” .
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Nguyen 2 Justice and equality are healthy virtues that society must hold in common for life to be easier . Lapham brings up the notion that being an individual is a good thing, but in order to make it within the society , the individual must act with the society to get things accomplished. Lapham writes: “The American equation rests on the habit of holding our fellow citizens in thoughtful regard not because they are exceptional (or famous, or beautiful, or rich) but simply because they are our fellow citizens . If we abandon the sense of mutual respect, we abandon the premise as well as the machinery of the American enterprise” (Lapham 221). In today’s society , it does not matter if you are a local celebrity or the President of the United States of America; you have the same rights as citizens of the United States . We are Americans. And as Americans, the society must work together to improve , otherwise it would just be chaos within the economy and
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Essay4 - Nguyen 1 Jimmy Nguyen Professor Abboud Basic...

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