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Andrews 1 Amanda Andrews Advanced Comp April 8, 2010 THEY ARE WHAT YOU FEED THEM When people hear the words speed , agility , grace , athleticism , finesse , obedience, and elegance a horse is not the first thing that comes to their minds . For me , this is the only thing that I can think about , for an equine possesses all of theses qualities and many , many more . Though the equine performance horse is an amazing creature , they do not have god-like healing powers , and must rely on their human counterparts to care for them . These animals need a special diet , one that includes proper nutrients as well as any extra additives to maintain a healthy lifestyle . If a professional athlete were to consume nothing but fast food , junk food , and other unhealthy substances , chances are he wouldn’t remain a professional athlete for long . Just like human athletes, performance steeds must maintain a healthy diet , rich in everything from protein , to vitamins/minerals , and most importantly energy (Warren) . When a horse isn’t fed properly , it can result in a life-threatening ailment known as colic . Since horses do not have the ability to throw up, when they get a stomachache they tend to lie on the ground and roll
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Andrews 2 around, attempting to alleviate the pain . In cases when the equines discomfort isn’t caught in time , the constant thrashing around done by the equine causes the intestines to twist , thus cutting off blood flow to the digestive organs . The loss of blood to the organs causes the tissue to become necrotic . When horses have a case of colic this severe the only way to save them is to perform extremely invasive , life threatening surgery , where a vet must cut into the gut area where the damaged tissue is , remove the necrotic area, and reattach the organs . To keep an equine from this horrible fate , a good diet consisting of mainly forage , such a grass and hay , a long with a healthy amount of fortified grain is necessary (Freeman 1-3) . With the rise of modern technology
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Reining Research paper - Andrews 1 Amanda Andrews Advanced...

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