FINAL- Introduction and Methods

FINAL- Introduction and Methods - Introduction and Methods...

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What is psychology? 1. the science and systematic study of behavior and mental processes (cognition). It includes the investigation of the physiological processes underlying behavior and cognition. 2. Psychology also includes the art of using skills based on accumulated knowledge and wisdom to help people who are having problems in living. Clinical psychology The first applied arm of psychology to achieve any prominence. The branch of psychology concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and disorders Developmental psychology Looks at human development across the life span. It once focused primarily on child development, but today devotes a great deal of research to adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Psychoanalysis Freud’s first step in treating people troubled by psychological problems Wilhelm Wundt and 1879 Wundt established the first laboratory for the study of psychology in 1879. 1879 is the year in which psychology is born. Wundt’s definition of psychology “The scientific study of conscious experience” Introspection and structuralism Introspection is the careful, systematic observation of one’s own conscious experience. Functionalism, an early school of thought Focus on investigating the function or PURPOSE of consciousness, rather than its structure. William James and functionalism James had the belief that psychology should investigate the functions rather than the structure of consciousness. Charles Darwin and functionalism
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FINAL- Introduction and Methods - Introduction and Methods...

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