Psychology Chapter 1

Psychology Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 What is psychology 1 the...

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Chapter 1 What is psychology? 1. the science and systematic study of behavior and mental processes (cognition). It includes the investigation of the physiological processes underlying behavior and cognition. 2. Psychology also includes the art of using skills based on accumulated knowledge and wisdom to help people who are having problems in living. Seven key themes in psychology 1. psychology is empirical 2. psychology is theoretically diverse 3. psychology evolves in a sociohistorical context 4. behavior is determined by multiple causes 5. behavior is shaped by cultural heritage 6. heredity and environment jointly influence behavior 7. people’s experience of the world is highly subjective Areas of applied psychology Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Industrial/organizational, educational/school, other Clinical psychology The first applied arm of psychology to achieve any prominence. The branch of psychology concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and disorders Largest research areas of psychology Developmental psychology, social psychology, experimental psychology, physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, personality, and psychometrics Social psychology Social psychology focuses on interpersonal behavior and the role of social forces in governing behavior. Typical topics include attitude formation, attitude change, prejudice, conformity, attraction, aggression, intimate relationships, and behavior in groups. Developmental psychology
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Psychology Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 What is psychology 1 the...

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