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proposal - Lecture Multi-agent Systems Final Project...

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Lecture Multi-agent Systems Final Project Proposal Aircraft Maintenance Professor Keith Decker Students Yasin Celik and Bilal Bayindir
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We will implement a simple aircraft maintenance system. To do this, first, we will build a scheduling program for agents who will work in this maintenance world. This scheduling program manages the agents. In the aircraft maintenance world, suppose there are infinite number of set of aircraft. In this world, sets of aircraft come for maintenance one by one. Each set has deadline to be taken care of, because the next set cannot wait for maintenance. Each maintenance consists of four subtasks which are safety inspection, refueling, cleaning, and restocking. For maintenance, there is finite number of personnel specialized by task. For example, ten people for safety inspection, three people for refueling, and so on. In this maintenance world, I assume that the safety inspection should be done first. While this task is being taken care of, all others are supposed to wait because if there is any
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