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Summary The paper talks about the Communicative Multiagent Team Decision Problem which is a framework that combines and expands current multiagent theories. This framework enhances current teamwork research to analyze the optimality and complexity of team decisions. The paper also mentions about multiagent team decision problems represented as tuples. After this, it introduces some complexity analysis supporting with theorems and their proofs. The authors also introduces the usage of existing teamwork theories such as joint intentions, locally
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Unformatted text preview: optimal policy; inside a COM-MTDP framework with their theorems and proofs. They also demonstrate how COM-MTDP framework also supplies the analysis of specific domains enriched with experiments. Finally, the authors expressed the related future work and thoughts. Questions 1. Describe the extensions to dynamic problem. 2. What are the information structures and their functions? 3. How STEAM and COM-MTDP related?...
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