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mar23 - Summary The paper is about Constraint satisfaction...

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Summary The paper is about Constraint satisfaction problem whose purpose is to find a consistent assignment of values to variables. N-queen problem is given as a common example of CSP. The paper gives the definition of CSP in section 2 in detail. In addition to the definition of CSP, the authors introduce some algorithms to solve CSPs in two groups. One is search algorithms and other one is consistency algorithms that are processing algorithms that decrease unnecessary backtracking. The paper also divides the search algorithms into two; one is backtracking in which a value assignment ti a subset of variables that satisfies all of the constraints within the subset is constructed and other one is iterative improvement algorithms in which all variables have tentative initial values but, no consistent partial solution is constructed. The paper also gives the problem definition of distributed CSP in which the variables and constraints are distributed among agents. It also gives a place to application problems of distributed CSPs with an
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