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The paper is about a new architecture for control system of mobile robots. It describes the control system and then expands what the control system requires such as goals, sensors etc. The paper also mentions about the other approaches on the requirements. The paper also lines up the design decisions of the mobile robot in nine principles. And goes on with levels and their descriptions such as; in the zeroth level robot does not act in touch with other objects. In the first level, the robot moves aimlessly without hitting any objects. In the second level, robot has
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Unformatted text preview: visual abilities and can move to interesting areas. In the last part, the author reports the performances of simulated and physical robot. Questions: 1. What are the requirements of the control system for a mobile robot? 2. Describe the 3 levels of abilities of the mobile robot. 3. What is task achieving behaviour in mobile robot control system? Compare/ Contrast: Both the paper and the chapter mentions about a layered architecture for the control system of a mobile robot....
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