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ch6 - distinguish the information from raw data knowledge...

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Summary The reading is about Semantic Web which will be the evolution of World Wide Web. In other words, it will be the extension of the Web. The author starts with a nice story. Shortly, Pete and Lucy are using some agents to find some information about Mom's treatment, check for the providers within a specific area available to Mom's insurance company. And also the system is able to find an appointment time for a given schedule etc. . The World Wide Web is designed for human-being read and understand but Semantics Web will also be available for agents to interpret and do some actions according to the contents of the Web pages. In Semantic Web, information have comprehensible meaning for agents. This will result as the communication between computers and people will be interactive. The author signifies that the Semantic Web is not only a tool that does individual jobs, but also it will
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Unformatted text preview: distinguish the information from raw data, knowledge from information. So, it will be the improvement of knowledge of humans. Questions: 1. What are the two important technologies for developing the Semantic Web? 2. What is the difference between knowledge and information? 3. What are the steps on Ontology development? Compare/ Constrast While the paper has a straight forward expression about ontologies, the chapter gives technical information and examples about it. Where as the chapter teaches OWL language, describes KIF which is based on first order logic, the paper did not mention about those. Lastly, chapter gives a brief description of some tools like Ontonlingua server, that we could not see in the paper. As a result, chapter contains more technical information than paper does....
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