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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Summary The paper indicates that the agents are capable to run software components within modern applications and put before to get our attention to the fact that an Agent Communication Language should signify on the agent's public interactions, social behaviours. It also tells about how ACLs developed then introduces the first ACL, Knowledge Query Language, then Arcol and FIPA. The paper also discusses the communication perspectives and the approaches that the ACLs bring. The author builds the rest of the paper comparing and contrasting the two ACLs, Arcol and KQML in the context of building and designing the agent. Finally, the author ends his argue with two recommendations. First one is some discussion to be considered by who wants to take a role in this field and the second one is to commence developing protocols. Questions 1. What are the perspectives that an ACL should emphasize on?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What do you understand from the phrase “Social agency”? 3. List the communicative acts and describe them briefly. Compare/Contrast As general, the chapter is more technical and more explanatory and illustrative than the paper. What I notice in the chapter is, it gave a place for the researches of two scientists John Austin and John Searle. The chapter starts the introduction to ACLs with KSE and KIF which the paper did not mention. Where as the paper generally compares and contrasts the two ACLs, Arcol and KQML, in the chapter there is much more technical details about KQML and FIPA. The chapter ends with giving a brief information about the GUI-based platform JADE but it does not trigger thinking on the issues of ACLs like in the paper. I think the paper is giving more research motivation in this area. Both of them can be a good composition to get an idea about ACLs....
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