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Study Guide (cumulative)

Study Guide (cumulative) - Study Guide(Management Module...

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Study Guide (Management Module: Reading Material Cumulative) Chapter 1/Herd: Conversion from Sales to Management 1. How do selling managers of a realty company typically get compensated? 2. How do non-selling managers of a realty company get compensated? 3. What are the usual key indicators of progress that owners of a realty company are likely to use to evaluate the performance of the manager? 4. Do top sales performers make good managers? Why or why not? 5. What are two common types of management styles? Describe the circumstances by which each works best. Chapter 2/Herd: Managing for another Company 1. What do sales associates consider before accepting a management job offer? 2. Before accepting a management job offer, the candidate should know how the company’s philosophy is different from his or her philosophy. What does this mean? 3. Imagine you being a sales associate negotiating for a management job. What kind of compensation package would you negotiate with the owners of the firm? 4. What are career advancement opportunities in the real estate sales business? 5. What is “at-will” management contract? Chapter 3/Herd: Opening Your Own Firm 1.
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