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CE 321 Fluid Statics Lab Report Worksheet List your objectives List your conclusions for List the specific results that each Objective. Do so in support each conclusion. order of importance. To determine how accurately the moment produced by a hydrostatic force in a labor- atory apparatus can be predicted using the equations of fluid statics. **Remember to use complete sentences and correct grammar for the worksheets also. To explore whether measure- ment uncertainty may be responsible for significant inaccuracies. 1/19/02 The equations of fluid statics are/are not accurate predictors of the moment produced by a hydrostatic force in a laboratory apparatus. --The bold/italicized portion is your conclusion, your results must back this up. List actual error range, or something similar, (%) to support conclusion- under 10%? Any differences between the actual error in partial vs. fully submerged
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Unformatted text preview: cases? • List any trends that you notice in the actual error (you can separate into partial and fully, or as a whole). • Refer to spreadsheet (Table) and attach to further back up your conclusions. • Most of the inaccuracies present in the results may/may not be attributed to measurement uncertainty. • Is M m within the +/-dM p lines? If so, measurement uncertainty may be responsible for most of the inaccuracies. Refer to your graph (labeled!). • If not, what other errors may account for the inaccuracies? • Any difference between partial and fully submerged portions of the plot? • What is the range of propagated error? How does it compare to actual error? Refer to table. • Do you notice any trends in the propagated error? Dealing with ACTUAL ERROR! Dealing with PROPAGATED ERROR!...
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