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Sheet1 Page 1 CE321: Homework 7 Due Date: December 7, 2009 on or before 4:30 pm in the CEE main office ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the following two documents (saved in the "lecture notes" folder on the course web page) and answer the two questions. (a) Code of Ethics for Engineers by the National Society of Professional Engineers (File: "Code-2007-July.pdf") (b) Guidance on Licensing and Ethical Responsibilities for Civil Engineers by ASCE
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Unformatted text preview: (File: "LicensingEthicsBrochure.pdf") 1. Write an essay on the importance of professional licensure. Describe the steps involved (that is, the process of professional licensure). 2. Describe the importance of professional and ethical responsibilities of an engineer. How did you practice those concepts in the conduct of this class (while doing experiments, reporting results, working as a team etc)?...
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