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CE 321 Section: 001, 002 and 003 Spring2010 INFORMATION PACKET SECTION 001: Tuesday, 12.40 – 2.30 P.M, 1530 EB SECTION 002: Tuesday, 3.00 – 4:50 P.M, 1530 EB SECTION 003: Thursday, 3.00– 4:50P.M, 1530 EB INSTRUCTORS: Pramod Thupaki, Graduate Assistant Prasanna Sampath, Graduate Assistant Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering OFFICE HOURS: Pramod Thupaki: Monday – 1:00-2:00 in 1530 EB Prasanna Sampath: Thursday – 1:00-2:00 in 1530 EB EMAIL: Pramod Thupaki: [email protected] Prasanna Sampath: [email protected] ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES ATTENDANCE: You must attend all lab sessions for which your group is scheduled. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend, you must inform your lab partner and myself at least one day in advance. Accommodations will then be made to make-up the missed lab session. If an emergency arises and attendance is not possible, please contact me at the earliest possible convenience. One will not receive a grade for a lab report if he/she failed to attend the scheduled lab session and failed to make it up. Lab partners of absent individuals will be given full consideration to perform any laboratory experiments and subsequent write-ups on their own or with another group. Obviously, these policies do not cover every possible scenario. If you plan to be absent or you are just generally concerned about these policies, please consult with me. GRADING: The lab is worth 30% of the total course grade. Your lab performance will be based upon the following: 3 reports @ 20% each 2 memos @ 10% each 1 final exam @ 20% The overall grading process of any writing assignment is quite subjective and may not coincide entirely with the more quantitative grading procedure suggested by the grading sheet. 1
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CE 321 Section: 001, 002 and 003 Spring2010 INFORMATION PACKET Your lab ‘grade’ will be reported to Dr. Wallace as a percentage. This percentage will then be used to calculate how much the lab portion of the class will contribute to your final grade. ASSIGNMENTS: Each laboratory experiment will have associated with it a laboratory report, a memo, or a set of questions to answer. Two of the labs will require a memo or letter write-up and the other three will require standard lab reports (you will be notified well in advance as to which type of assignment will be required for a specific lab exercise). Laboratory exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all have pre-lab questions that are due on the day of the lab , before the laboratory session begins. These questions will be distributed in the lab session prior to their being due. The answers must be typewritten or computer-processed and must be on a separate sheet of paper that is stapled to the original question sheet. Each student must submit his or her own answers to these questions. A five-point penalty will be assessed for not completing the questions before the laboratory session. The writing assignments will generally be due 1-2 weeks from their assignment.
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InformationPacket-Spring2010 - CE 321 Section 001 002 and...

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