Lab5-weir_design-Memo - • Please draft a memo to me that...

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SES/ Spartan Entropy Systems, Inc . November 18, 2009 Memorandum To: Fluids Dept. Staff From: Dr. Wallace, Dept. Manager Date: Re: Weir for new rainfall-runoff apparatus Request for information We need a weir for the new rainfall-runoff apparatus we have been planning. As currently envisioned, the apparatus will be a larger version of our hydraulic bench. The top surface will consist of a 1m x 2m area of soil that slopes uniformly toward a channel along one edge (see sketch below). Currently we plan on using a 6.5 in. deep x 9.75 in. wide channel that ends with a weir. The weir will provide a means of measuring the rate of runoff (Q) produced by all the water that does not infiltrate into the soil during a simulated storm event. Departing from earlier discussions, we have decided to employ conditions that will produce flows over the weir between 0 to 3.0 L/s. We wish to continue using a 9.75 in weir. Your assignment
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Unformatted text preview: • Please draft a memo to me that provides the design for a v-notch weir for the new apparatus. If the weir forces us to employ a larger channel than originally envisioned, determine the depth of the channel that will be required. Keep the bottom of the v-notch the same height above the new channel bottom as we currently have in our hydraulic bench. Indicate the amount of freeboard that you suggest for the new weir and whether we should calibrate it? Please explain your reasons for calibration, if required, since it will be a cost we have not expected. 1 November 18, 2009 • I am relying on you to provide sound information in a clear, well-organized memo. Please limit the memo to one page and submit supporting documentation and sketch of the v-notch weir as an attachment. Use company-standard memo format. 2 Q SRO Rainfall Infiltration weir Soil November 18, 2009 3...
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Lab5-weir_design-Memo - • Please draft a memo to me that...

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