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CE 321 – Spring 2008 : LAB FINAL REVIEW SHEET ERROR AND UNCERTAINTY: Know the propagated error equations used in lab. Know the difference between propagated and actual error. Know the difference between absolute and relative error. Know how to calculate all of the above given a set of data. LAB #1: Fluid Statics Have a general overview of what the lab was trying to accomplish and understand the principles at work. Be able to draw and label the hydrostatic pressure apparatus and the pressure distribution caused by the water for each situation encountered in this lab. LAB #2: Flow rate measurement Know that Q = V/t (where V=Volume). Be able to calculate Q from V and t data. Understand the concept of standard deviation and what it represents and what we use it for. Be able to determine dQ/Q (be sure you know the equation, including all the variables, and how to apply it). Know what the least count is.
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