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SES/ Spartan Entropy Systems, Inc. Memorandum To: Fluids Dept. Staff From: Phanikumar Mantha, Dept. Manager Date: 11/08/2009 Re: Potential use of Jet Apparatus in experiments with larger forces. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Our advisory board has requested that we explore whether our Jet Apparatus will function so that students can obtain good agreement between experiment and theory across an extended range of conditions. Specifically, we need to determine if experiment and theory are within ± 10% of one another for the 90 o , 120 o , and 180 o deflectors across a range of conditions that produce forces between 0.98N and 6.87N. Obtain 2 replicate measurements for each experimental arrangement and record your observations of conditions that might be responsible for large (greater that ± 10%) differences between experiment and theory. Theoretical predictions of force should be determined with the following equation from Young et al. (Eq. 5, p146): These measurements will provide the first indication as to whether or not the apparatus produces the conditions
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