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CE421 - ENGINEERING HYDROLOGY Fall 2008, 3 CREDITS Course Objectives Apply Darcy's law to analyze steady 1-D flows in confined and unconfined aquifers Develop a head map based on scattered head data and use it to compute seepage flow and solute travel time Apply the theory of well dynamics to predict drawdown in an infinite and homogeneous aquifer Analyze pump test data to estimate aquifer properties Develop and calibrate a computer model to simulate groundwater flow systems. Use a groundwater model to estimate the sustainable yield of a wellfield and delineate the wellhead protection areas Use a groundwater model to predict contaminant transport in an aquifer and design a capture well system. Use hydrograph analysis to determine the direct runoff hydrograph, volume of direct runoff, the unit hydrograph, and the infiltration process. Develop a synthetic hydrograph using a unit hydrograph, rainfall information and the SCS method to account for infiltration losses. Design the minor drainage system for a planned development. Determine the size of detention pond required to control runoff from an urban development. Write engineering analysis reports. Instructor : Prof. Shu-Guang Li ( http://www.egr.msu.edu/~lishug ), Ph.D., P.E., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, RCE- A133, emails ([email protected]), and telephone (432-1929). Class Time and Classroom : Mondays/Wednesdays 4:20 - 5:40 AM. Classroom: EB2205 Office Hours : Mondays/Wednesdays, 3:10-4:10 PM, other times by appointment Text :
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Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems, 3nd Ed., 2001, Gupta, Waveland Press, ISBN 1- 57766-030-7 Tentative Schedule and Topics Lecture Date Lecture Topics Readings Homework Import Dates 1 8/25 Overview; Hydrologic cycle and processes; Introduction to groundwater hydrology; Aquifer classification. 2.1;2.2;3.1-3.4;3.7 2 8/27 Aquifer properties, Storage and dynamic properties. 3.5-3.7; 3 9/3 Theory of groundwater flow; Darcy's Law and applications 3.5-3.7 4 9/ 8 Hydrologic maps and flow net, graphical analysis of groundwater flow. 4.1.1
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CE421_2008 - CE421 ENGINEERING HYDROLOGY Fall 2008 3...

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