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Under the natural (predevelopment) condition, the area occupied by the subdivision is highly vegetated. The time of concentration is long at approximately 2.5 hours (based on a previous study). The runoff coefficient is approximately 0.2. This information is needed to estimate the maximal flow produced by the area for the predevelopment condition. You can estimate the predevelopment peak flow based on the following procedure: 1 - Use the predevelopment flow data provided for the creek to derive a 2 hr
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Unformatted text preview: unit hydrograph. 3 - Use this unit hydrograph to estimate the predevelopment hydrograph flow for the 20 year design storm (with the rain duration equal to the natural (predevelopment) time of concentration of 2.5 hours). The net rainfall depth can be estimated as: predevelopment runoff coefficient *I* natural Tc, I=160/(natural Tc+30). We will discuss the project in detail tomorrow and answer any questions you may have. The project due date is postponed to Friday, December 16....
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