problem2 - prob~ 2 Pt-t ~i Tk 4.1 The town of Hubbertville...

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prob~ 2.. Pt-t€ ~i Tk 4.1 The town of Hubbertville is planning to expand its water supply by constructing a well in an unconfined aquifer consisting of sand and gravel (Fig. P4.1). The well was designed to pump constantly at a rate of 20,000 m3/day. Well construction was halted by the State Fish and Game Service, managers of \ R'VER ELEV.-IOOOm ~-~~ SLATE MOUNTAINS SLATE MOUNTAINS 10,000m 8500 m 0 t 2000 m I , . , I . 4500 m ,~ ~ L GREEN SWAMP ELEV.=JOOO~ .;Ji;, @ Well . Q .. 20,000 m3/d N AREAL RECHARGE 0.001 mid , t S METERS .~~ SLATE BEDROCK 0', . . .' o. o' PEAT AND WATER the Green Swamp Conservation area. The state claimed the pumping would "significantly reduce" the groundwater discharge to the swamp and damage waterfowl habitat. The town claimed that the river and the groundwater divide located somewhere near the center of the valley would prevent any change in flow to the swamp.
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