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Gilded Age of PoliticsFeb4 - Gilded Age of Politics 1....

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Gilded Age of Politics 1. Party Politics a. Period of do nothing politics b. Many changes that americans are concerned about c. Government sits back to watch d. Government is controlled by big business at this time e. Still democrats and republicans f. Pretty much indistguishable g. They are afraid to take a stand h. No major issues separating them i. Most pres candidates are obscure j. Congress is in charge still from Jackson k. But again, are controlled by big business l. Dems are against the tariff m. Repubs are focusing on waving the bloody shirt: casting the dem party as the awful party n. Huge voter turnout – 80-90% o. Focused mainly on local levels 2. Local Politics a. On the city level i. We see rise of political machines: political organizations ii. People who are running cities iii. Because the cities wree so large, you had to have organization of servies: the political machines did it iv. They are doing it largely for their own benefit v. Sanitation is an issue and the machines need to do something about it but they are skimming so much off the top vi. When immigrants come in they run into someone in power who gives them a meal, gives them a home, etc.
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vii.The point: get themselves a vote viii. They want to be able to get as much money as possible ix. Very corrupt x. Appearance that they are doing it for the people xi. Not actually regulating housing xii.Made cosmetic repairs to sewers, etc. but not doing it right
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Gilded Age of PoliticsFeb4 - Gilded Age of Politics 1....

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