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Bio notes - I sat nervously in the dugout, scrapping my...

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I sat nervously in the dugout, scrapping my metal cleats against the concrete floor. The wet dirt between the metal and concrete made an awful sound that I would normally cringe at, but my mind was elsewhere. I was so worried that it would be my destiny to lose this game. I could see it happening now. My friends, family, and coach would all blame me. I picked my Omaha Gold off the bat rack and started towards the on deck circle. I avoided the puddles from the night before. The field was in horrible shape; it had monsooned just twelve hours ago. My bat had very few dinks and scuffs as it was brand new. My dad had bought it for me; according to him I was starting to hit the ball harder so I needed a better bat. This was most certainly not the case. At nine years old, I could hardly hit the ball out of the infield, much less hit it hard enough to damage my bat. Waiting in the on deck circle alone was a challenge. In order to not shake or pass out I started swinging. The sound of the bat cutting through the warm wet air was soothing. I closed my eyes and tried to find my happy place. For a while I was in my own little world where nothing mattered and nothing could hurt me. At least I was until the umpire screamed “Strike Threee!!!” Andrew was out. And I was up. My legs were actually beginning to shake as I started towards the batter’s box. I looked into the stands to see if my friend’s cute sister was watching. She waved but I didn’t smile or wave back. I did not want to make a fool of myself in a situation like this. I
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This note was uploaded on 04/19/2010 for the course BIOL 1201 taught by Professor Wishtichusen during the Spring '07 term at LSU.

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Bio notes - I sat nervously in the dugout, scrapping my...

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