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The Great War—test 2 material

The Great War—test 2 material - T he Great...

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The Great War—test 2 material—devil in the white city I. Wilson’s Foreign Policy—progressivism is at a high—brings higher morals to presidency—U.S. set example for the world II. World War One—Americans shocked by the war A. Events in Europe—Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – 1914—austrio-hungry declares war on Serbia—Russia is Serbia’s ally—Germany says no to Russia and France, declares war on both—Great Britain dragged in too Central Powers—Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria Allied Powers—Russia, France, Great Britain, Japan, Italy 9 million KIA, 19 million wounded Trench War Fare—No Man’s Land B. American Neutrality—influenced by immigration, many had family in Europe—Americans closer to Britain than anyone else —Germans are evil—Britain Propaganda tells U.S. stretched truths C. Economic Boom for U.S.—Wilson approves loans to Allies, gives some money to central powers too—wanted to trade with both sides— Britain disagrees—Britain dominates the seas—Germany responds with U-boats—attack neutral ships—Germans sink Lusitania, Americans on board—America builds its military—Wilson reelected—Germans resume unrestricted submarine warfare Zimmerman Telegram—Germany wants Mexico to attack U.S.,
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