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The Roaring 1920's Test 2 material

The Roaring 1920's Test 2 material - THE ROARING TWENTIES...

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THE ROARING TWENTIES I. CONSERVATIVE POLITICS— A. PRESIDENT HARDING AND THE RETURN TO NORMALCY—followed by many conservative presidents o Drinker, gambler, playa o In over his head in presidency 1. PROGRESSIVISM UNDONE Secretary of Treasury—Andrew Mellon More conservative—smaller government—less money spent Tax breaks for the wealthy—Mellon’s main accomplishment Higher Tariffs—maintain American superiority Lower regulation on big business 2. CORRUPTION RETURNS Ohio Gang—Harding friends from Ohio—in numerous scandals Teapot Dome Scandal—stole half a million in oil derricks—unknown if Harding was involved Died of food poisoning, died as a loved man B. SILENT CAL—Harding’s vice president Wants less active presidents—wants congress in control End government regulations on business Honest and able Wins presidential election the following term Economy soars—credit given to republicans C. AMERICA IN THE 1920S Economic boom
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Productivity soars Wages rise Herbert Hoover—Secretary of Commerce Cooperative Individualism—voluntary among businesses D. ECONOMIC BOOM o More standardization o Businesses become bigger o Effort to improve working conditions
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