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Start of the Cold War Test 3 material

Start of the Cold War Test 3 material - Start of the Cold...

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Start of the Cold War I. Origins—Come from WWII Contest starts between U.S. and USSR in WWII U.S. and USSR are superpowers after WWII A. Post-War Goals Democracy—U.S. tries to actively spread democracy Economic Opportunities—Americans still worried about another depression Strategic Interests—Interest in other parts of world ---Ends Free Security---U.S. is no longer safe--- World Stability—U.S. tries to keep the world stable —United Nations is formed from WWII, lesson learned from League of Nations— B. Relations with Soviets Decline—U.S. and Soviets were never good friends U.S. never told Soviets about the A-Bomb till we dropped it Soviets lost countless number of lives in WWII, feel like the Allies did nothing USSR in control of eastern territories after WWII, Soviets control governments of these countries Berlin is split between USSR and U.S./Britain/France C. Containment—stop the spread of USSR/communism George Kennan—sends letter to U.S. saying Soviets are going to continue to expand communism American policy should be containment—geographically and politically Diplomatic and Economic pressure to stop the spread II. Containment’s Initial Successes A. Greek Civil War—Greek Monarchy is fighting communism
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