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BIO 1201 Test 3 SG

BIO 1201 Test 3 SG - E xamination 3 Study Guide Thursday...

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Examination 3 Study Guide Thursday April 3 at 6:00 PM in Campbell Auditorium Bring a number 2 pencil and your ID. 53 questions – the exam is worth 106 points Make sure you can do the genetics problems found under “Assignments” on Blackboard! The material in the textbook: Chapters 14, 15, 16 and 17. Focus on the material covered in lecture. ABO/Rh blood groups - 10 questions Know the genetics/inheritance Inheritance is particulate rather than blending Be able to do problems on paternity exclusion Can a man of blood type A be excluded as the father of a type O child (no) -The man may be heterozygous (IAi) and could have contributed an “i” allele. - Remember: a blood type A individual may either have the IAIA or IAi genotype Can a man of blood type AB be excluded as a father of an O child (yes) -We know the man is heterozygous (IAIB) and couldn’t have contributed the “i” allele needed for the child. Transfusions Table 14.2 Sex-Linkage -16 questions Fig. 15.9, 15.10, 15.11 Inheritance of X-linked and Y-linked traits Autosomal vs. sex linked genes Mother Determines whether a son displays an X-linked trait Allele occurs on 1 of the sex chromosomes In humans for the most part were concerned with the X-linked traits. - Examples from lecture Y-Linked traits Always passed from father to son Few examples Established 78 genes on Y chromosome Ex: TDF gene, testis determining factor and hairy ear rims X – Linked Traits Transmitted by mom to son Primarily males are affected Ex: color blindness and hemophilia Sex determination and inheritance in birds ZW/ZZ Father determines sex of the child Barr bodies / Inactivated X chromosomes (heterochromatin)
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Inactivation of 1X chromosome Random Heterochromatin – tightly coiled in active DNA Karyotypes Calico/tortoiseshell cats
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BIO 1201 Test 3 SG - E xamination 3 Study Guide Thursday...

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