Greek Civilization

Greek Civilization - Greek Civilization The Geography of...

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Greek Civilization The Geography of ancient Greeks and potential for human potential The bronze age : Minoans and Mycenaean 1. Copper -> first metal used in development of weapons i. Very low melting point ii. Great amount iii. Easy access b. Make a fire , let simmer to hot coal through melancholy in it, go to sleep when wake find nuggets of pure copper c. Adv. Of stone tool last longer i. More flexible d. Disadv. dulls out quickly and soft 2. Bronze->alloy copper with to make bronze i. Disadv. Tin not in a lot of places 1. Used arsenic as strengthen metal with copper b. Significant change with bronze i. Harvest grain more efficiently ii. Weapons paint armor 3. C. 3000 B.C. -> early bronze age a. Evidence of villages and towns i. Mediterranean 1. Wine-grape vines –need little rain could survive in meditarinain environment 2. Olive oil – olives need little rain 3. Fish-sea , shell fish 4. Wheat- survival agriculture 5. Sheep, goats major source of animal protein b. Egypt – was dominate civilization-> not being a sea fearing did not like to travel anywhere i. Was not interested in expanding
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ii. Thought world centered around the Nile
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Greek Civilization - Greek Civilization The Geography of...

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