Thermodynamics+Recitation - Thermodynamics Problems 1....

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Thermodynamics Problems 1. Calculate ΔH reaction 2Cl 2 ( g ) + SO 2 ( g ) SOCl 2 ( g ) + Cl 2 O( g ) Δ H f (kJ/mol) Cl 2 (g) 0 SO 2 (g) -296.8 SOCl 2 (g) -212.5 Cl 2 O (g) 80.3 2. The heat of fusion for water if 6.01 kJ/mol, and the heat of vaporization is 54 kJ/mol. Calculate the enthalpy change if 72 grams of ice at -10 C is heated to 175 C. Specific Heat Values: Water c = 4.184 J/g o C Ice c = 2.03 J/g o C Vapor c = 2.01 J/g o C Calculate the enthalpy change for the reverse process in which the gas molecules are cooled from 175 C to -10 o C. 3. If the system provides 2.4 J of work and displaces -2.1 J of heat, the internal energy of the SURROUNDINGS is equal to ____ J. 4. A system at a starting pressure of 4 atm and an initial volume of 20 L is compressed to a volume of 13 L. Calculate work, heat, internal energy, and enthalpy of the system. Constant Pressure 5. Identify the systems below that will yield a negative value for work for the system. a.
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Thermodynamics+Recitation - Thermodynamics Problems 1....

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