english evaluation form (1)

english evaluation form (1) - of speech, audibility of...

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ELG/SEG 2911: Professional Practice in Information Technology and Engineering Midterm Oral presentation Evaluation Sheet Presenting Team: ____________________________ Evaluating Team: _____________________________ Evaluating Student: _____________________________ Give a score form 1 to 5 , 5 = Excellent, 1 = poor Individual Presenter #1 (name) Presenter #2 (name) Presenter #3 (name) Presenter #4 (name) Presenter #5 (name) Clarity of main points, sufficient depth of discussion Comfort level of the speaker and his/her familiarity with the topic Effective use of body language and eye contact Engaging the audience/effective use of visual aids Professional attitude, clarity and flow
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Unformatted text preview: of speech, audibility of voice, tone of voice Team Knowledge of subject matter Development of the subject matter in logical order Quality/Relevance of visual aids Smooth transition between team members presentations Team dynamics/confidence level Responses to question For TA use F o r T A u s e On the back of the page, please write the name of the presenting team ONLY and provide what you would recommend to the team to improve the quality of their presentation. Please be concise, specific and professional. Your identity will not be revealed. Presenting team: __________________________________ Feedback...
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english evaluation form (1) - of speech, audibility of...

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