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ch104hw4 - Where do you find protons and neutrons Where do...

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Name:_________________ CH 104 Homework #4 Reading 1.9, 2.1 - 2.4 Extra Suggested Problems: 35, 36, 50-56, 72, 73, 77-79 When you get right down to it, when you are measuring the temperature of a substance you are measuring the ____________ of the substances molecules. The specific heat of Fe is 0.11cal/g∙ ° C . For a 220 gram sample of iron with an initial temperature of 18 ° C and a final temperature of 100 ° C, how much heat was added to the iron? A 800 gram hot chunk of iron is dropped into a bucket of water raising the waters temperature. The water started at 15 ° C and is now at 20 ° C. There is 300 grams of water in the bucket. What was the initial temperature of the iron? Iron’s specific heat capacity is 0.11 cal/g∙ ° C (this is tricky) What makes the Greek theory of the atom such a great move forward for scientific?
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Unformatted text preview: Where do you find protons and neutrons? Where do you find electrons? What can you say about the magnitude of the charge on a proton realated to an electron? Name:_________________ According to Dalton, what happens during a chemical reaction. Explain why Dalton would be happy to know that the chemical formula for water is H 2 O. What did Thompson discover about the atom? If you need extra problems here are URLs from the worksheets link on Moodle. http://cgccmoodle.com/moodle/file.php/435/104/Specific%20Heat%20Worksheet.doc http://cgccmoodle.com/moodle/file.php/435/104/Density%20Problems%20with%20answers.doc http://cgccmoodle.com/moodle/file.php/435/104/Unit%20Conversions.doc http://cgccmoodle.com/moodle/file.php/435/104/Temperature%20Problems%20with %20answers.doc...
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ch104hw4 - Where do you find protons and neutrons Where do...

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