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Name:________________ CH 104 Homework # 7 Reading: all of chapter 1 and 2 Suggested extra problems: all problems in chapter 1 and 2 You just drove from Washington into Canada. You are driving a 1966 Ford Mustang with a 289HP motor. You get very excited when you see the speed sign as it displays 125. Why should you not be so psyched? Convert that road sign into a number that would be displayed on this cars speedometer. You just dropped your new iPhone in the river, but it was wrapped in a waterproof case that is supposed to float. An iPhone has a mass of 135 grams. The case as a mass of 45 grams. What is the minimum case volume that would allow the case and phone to float?
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Unformatted text preview: Write the electron configuration and the noble gas configurations for the element that will take electrons away from all other elements, except the noble gases. Write the electron configurations and the noble gas configuration for the element that has the lowest ionization energy for an element in 4 th energy level. Draw the energy level diagram for the largest atom in the 3 rd energy level. Why do electrons in the same orbital need opposite spin? Why do electrons in the same sublevel have to fill empty obitals before they are allowed to double up?...
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