OS FINAL PROJECT - Report Template for Operating Systems...

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Report Template for Operating Systems Lab2 Project Names Student IDs E-mails Abstract: Cloud Computing is a term coined for a recent trend toward service-oriented computing on cluster-based distributed systems. Such systems provide users with a computing paradigm based on service-level agreements with which users gain access to vast, large-scale resources remotely. Cloud computing has experienced rapid uptake in the commercial sector with companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others providing “elastic” or “utility” products and services that enable resource virtualization, application and system isolation, large-scale, adaptive resource management, and per-application customization via software infrastructures at different levels of abstraction. These systems however are closed and proprietary which limits both our understanding of execution behavior in these settings as well as the degree of control and customization available to application and system developers. Such control and customization is key to providing energy efficiency of data and computing centers. To address this limitation, to enable the use of such systems on local cluster resources (private and hybrid clouds), and to provide the software infrastructure necessary for the investigation of the next-generation of cloud services, technologies, application domains, etc., the cloud computing group from the University of Bridgeport computer science and Engineering department has developed and released as open-source, the AppScale platform-as-service cloud fabric. Application Scale is a software ensemble that both facilitates energy-efficient cloud computing research and implements the Google Application Engine (GAE) APIs (emulating the GAE cloud). Application Scale operates over virtualized cluster resources, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), automatically, and executes GAE applications without modification. Application Scale implements a number of different database back-ends, a map- reduce interface, as well as performance and resource monitoring for automatic scaling. In this talk, we overview Application Scale, describe its design and implementation, and discuss the various research directions that our group is pursuing using Application Scale. PLATFORM AS A SERVICE is a form of cloud computing that holds considerable potential to help enterprise developers quickly write and test customer- or employee- facing Web applications, something that companies of all stripes will be under growing pressure to deliver. 1. Introduction: Cloud computing and Paas are emerging technologies which will greatly change IT over the next few years. Platform as a Service is a paradigm for delivering operating systems and associated services over the Internet without downloads or installation. It facilitates deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. PaaS is sometimes called "cloudware" because it moves
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OS FINAL PROJECT - Report Template for Operating Systems...

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