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1. In what ways was Islamic philosophy impacted by Greek and Persian? Islamic philosophy drew much inspiration from the Greek peripatetic thought in its formative years. It was born of philosophical speculations on the heritage of Greco- Alexandrian philosophy, which was made available by Muslims who were immersed in the teachings of the Quran and lived in a Univers in which revelation was a central reality. Greek philosophy was seen by Muslims as being rooted in prophecy, and they would continue to identify the origin of the Greek Philosophical tradition that they were mastering with revelations. Islamic philosophers concentrated on philosophizing in a world dominated by the reality of prophecy and revelation and created a “prophetic philosophy,” which in turn influenced deeply the philosophical life of the other two members of Abrahamic monotheism: Judaism and Christianity. The philosopher Al-Kindi introduced Greek thought to the Islamic world. He founded his own school of peripatetic philosophy, where
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