Islamic Philosophy from start til Ibn Sina

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Describe the source of Islamic philosophy from its start until the time of Ibna Sina (Avicenna) The time spanning the formative early years of Islamic philosophy to the time of Ibn Rushd were referred to as “Classical Islamic Philosophy” or “Early Islamic Philosophy”. During this time, works from Greco-Alexandrian thinkers made their way to the Islamic world where Muslim intellectuals quickly took interest. Two dominant Greek philosophers in the Islamic world were Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle’s peripatetic works dealing with logic became a major source of inspiration for early Muslim philosophers. Plato’s works also left a profound impact on Islamic philosophy, and Plato himself is held in high regard among Muslim thinkers. When the philosopher Farabi unified the wisdom Aristotle and Plato, Islamic philosophy began to follow its own ideas based on Farabi’s synthesis of the two Greek philosophers with his own ideas and logic and ideas of unifying theory with practice. Before Farabi was the philosopher al-Kindi, who strove to introduce Greek
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